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Following are a few additional notes on each of them:.All of the programming languages covered by this book provide a simple and efficient way to determine the length of a string.However, it works quite well as-is, regardless of what you throw at it.As a sanity check, we ran it against several hundred of the known most common (and therefore most insecure) user passwords.

However, the exact rules to use can vary widely between businesses and systems, which is why this recipe includes numerous regexes that serve as the raw ingredients to help you cook up whatever combination of validation rules you choose.If the password’s length is less than the specified minimum of eight characters, the function returns early with the numeric equivalent of “Too Short.” Not including at least three character types incurs a one-point penalty, but this can be balanced out because every two additional characters after the minimum of eight adds a point to the running score.The code can of course be customized to further improve it or to meet your particular requirements.It can even help you rank a password’s complexity, as we’ve seen.However, there may be times when you don’t care about all that, or when one regex is all you can use.

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At the end of this section, we’ve included several Java Script code examples that show how you can tie these regular expressions together as part of a password security validation routine.

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