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When half your customers have their cards cancelled, it isn’t exceptionally great for your business model. We slashed spend to what was working well, or at least what seemed to be working.

The company grew rapidly and was similarly innovative and controversial, and achieved 8-figure revenues a few years later.

Fairly comprehensive search options are offered at True, such as keyword, screen name, who's online now, who's new, who's looking for me, and who's got new photos.

True is the only major online dating site to conduct background checks on all of its members.

Then it went into steep decline but soldiered on through to 2013. I asked him what happened, and he weighed-in with this frank account.__ Ruben Buell: At the peak of our success I was managing over 10 million dollars a month in marketing spend.

We had grown a company from nothing to over 0 million a year in revenue .

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