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A person who is blessed with good looks will frequently have a leg up in the world.

This is a mistake; part of grooming means taking care of your face and skin.

Others will insist that looks don’t matter at all and that it’s strictly a matter of one’s character. In reality, being attractive to women is a combination of a host of factors, coming together to build a holistic version of desirability that’s based on more than just whether or not one has Scandinavian cheekbones and piercing blue eyes. Humans are psychologically predisposed to be more positively inclined toward people who are physically attractive; a cognitive bias known as the “halo effect” influences people’s judgements and impressions about a person based purely on their physical appearance.

The issue comes down to the differences between how men and women define “attractiveness”.

There’s more to a haircut than just trimming off a couple of inches here and there; a proper hair cut can completely transform your face, bring balance to your features and help frame your personality. Very few men can pull off long hair and unless you are ripcord, rockstar thin, that includes you. If you have patches of bare skin in your beard, you need to just accept that you may not be one of them; a patchy, scraggly beard makes you look more like Chester The Molester than the God of Testosterone you think you are.

While you’re at it: start attacking your facial hair. That being said, a nicely trimmed don’t let it grow into neckbeard territory.

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