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She asked for a blond and I said we had just the thing. Do you think that she is, will be able to do something like this? Once inside, I realized I had no idea whom I was seeking. I drove to The Finest and went inside, leaving the keys with the valet service.This mental block included what I was to do with Jennifer. I believe your contact has been communicating with me. She, the fear skittered in her and though she flinched when I came near, I refused to penalize her for it. " I said I did, consciously trying not to pant into the phone. This, this ambition infused me, both as a psycho-sexual experiment and the additional purpose of making them helpless before me. I realized that I was going to have to ask all of them till I found the right woman. This new development threated this tame version of domination I offered. Her breasts billowed before her, ghostly lures behind the pink blouse, the nipples blunted on one side by the shirt pocket but poking clearly into the fabric on the other. "Wait, wait." She said and in a flash removed the bra from under her blouse, pulling it out one sleeve in that private feat of legerdemain that women rarely show to their male counterparts.

Yet distinct, personal and utterly intractable, I wanted a hold that connected their desire to me, to my cock would be best but if some preferred to be connected to a woman I owned, I could work with that. I feared going to settle the matter because such a thing seemed so unlikely. Grayson proved disappointing to eye and cock, if not to the ear, I'd reserve the option to approach the vision and seduce her if I could.

"I have to admit I used some of my resources to trace the emails we have exchanged back to him." Through the purple haze of my penal intoxication I had a fleeting thought, that she was prevaricating for some reason. His alacrity at getting under your skirt surprised lots of people because of his measured drawl. I almost chuckled, hearing his voice crackle with tense insistence. Everyone needs it once in a while, even Crowley, and they appreciate it if they are not a sociopath. That made him easy for me to deal with but perhaps I am a special case. Her eyes were down, she fussed with a compact, opened it and touched her perfect face. "That may not be her." I muttered sub-vocally, trying to pull my brain back from the precipice, the hope and desire that she was Victoria Grayson. She was what might be described as handsome, the sort of looks that money can transform and did but which pushed her into business lunches rather than the runway, early in life. The third woman was black but I did not dare to think I could hear race in a woman's voice as though rounded or neglected constants could be indicative. My heart heart her voice once more and my eyes sought her again at my heart's behest. Her eyes held something, a shard of shock that vanished like a broken ice icicle dropped into a bond fire. My whole body felt like the subatomic particles were taking me apart, exploding one cell nucleus at a time.

He almost never sounded rushed, always lollygagging from syllable to syllable like he cared nothing for getting to the end of his sentences. That was part of his charm, if you could call it that, he was not intimidated by his own character flaws, not proud, but not ashamed either. Despite my intent to focus on all the women sitting alone, my eyes went immediately to a beautiful brunette sitting alone. Grayson and...." "You don't know whom you are looking for? "I'm alone." She did not have looks to speak of but she was not a horror, either. She shook her head and returned to the phone, not even seeing me. My heart hammered in my head as I turned around to face the fourth woman and not from that disdainful dismissal that I had rarely been exposed to. " She smiled calmly, accepting the compliment but not basking or preening. She was fucking gorgeous, the more so the longer I lingered in the wash of her presence, like she was radioactive and I was soaking it up. Finally she nodded once glancing away then reattaching her gaze to me, like a tether. Your man, Crowley, he sounded as though you were..." She trailed off and a slight pink touched both cheeks. All I could offer was a sizzling hiss so I kept quiet. I, I don't know how to do that, or why I thought I should involve myself in his sexual resume... I just haven't fully realized what I am attempting.

I did not want to enliven her until it was a sure thing so left the possibility dangling and evanescent.

They should have it today or tomorrow morning, latest. When they say men are more straight forward than are their female fellows, they mean the hard cock reveals a truth the women can and often do keep privately inside. She almost seemed eager but a stressed reserve remained.

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