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The host allegedly messaged back and said: 'Go ahead.

It’s why we have Trump.' The host added she would 'not allow this country to be told what to do by foreigners', reported KTLA 5.

The shocking comments, including calling Suh a 'con artist', immediately reduced the young woman to tears. 'No matter if I follow the law, if I’m kind to people, no matter how well I treat others — it doesn’t matter.

She said to KTLA, moments after the cancellation: 'It stings that after living in the U. If you’re Asian, you’re less than human and people can treat you like trash.' Luckily, after two hours being stuck in the inclement weather, the group found shelter at a nearby cabin.

18, 2017 after he was found unconscious in a hotel room. Newsday's obituary for Shadia Jim Nabors, the shy Alabaman whose down-home comedy made him a TV star as Gomer Pyle and whose surprisingly operatic voice kept him a favorite in Las Vegas and other showplaces, died Nov. Johnson's most loyal confidants, served as his chief of staff in all but name and held the Cabinet post of postmaster general, died Nov. White, a psychologist, social activist and teacher who helped pioneer the field of black psychology to counter what he saw as rampant ignorance and prejudice in the profession, died Nov. White Shadia, an Egyptian actress and singer who captivated millions for decades with memorable singles and iconic film roles, died Nov.

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