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" about it makes him uncomfortable, just imagine what happens when he attempts to do it! Dean opens up as we do a deep dive into his psyche. "Dean spends the show breaking down exactly why people SUCK at dating and what that means. how do you navigate having a crush on a guy ...  who has a girlfriend ?!!

Why don't guys text back as quickly or as often as the ladies ? "Dean spends some time with Paradise fan favorite couple Raven and Adam discussing how they keep the "sexy" fresh in a long distance relationship[.  Plus we break down why men Ghost...

However, your best bet is going to be using what the locals use, not just for app availability reasons in that region, but also to increase the number of people you can interact with.

Let’s take a look at some of China’s popular dating apps.

Then he gets back in touch with the woman who started it all... " be going to meet women..(much to Dean's dismay)...

"Dean's Bachelorette buddy Eric Bigger joins him in studio as the two men use their "bro-time" to break down the importance of astrological signs in a relationship.

Dating apps are a huge part of modern dating culture. Sure, you could go out and meet people to take on a date (read our guide on how to score a date).

But if you’re going to China, chances are you’re not going to be finding any dates using the apps you’re used to.

He went from being America's sweetheart on The Bachelorette to a dating disaster on Bachelor in Paradise. Then he talks to married at First Sight’s Dean and Jamie who are now married with a kid...could skipping dating be the key Dean needs to a happy relationship?!

He’s a Colorado kid turned California boy who loves dogs, football and music but fails…at romance. We all have issues that’s why, with the help from the experts, this show has one mission: to help cure the relationship impaired. Plus we take listener calls and Dean weighs whether to be the pursuer..the pursuee!

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