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Lucca was an important city and fortress even in the sixth century, when Narses besieged it for several months in 553.

Under the Lombards, it was the seat of a duke who minted his own coins.

A Casa di Luca is located in an old palace dating back 18.00 : it has been completely renewed in the mid 19.00 It is run by Luca, the owner who will be happy to welcome you in the rooms of his cosy apartment, giving to you tourist information and offer a fresh Italian breakfast every morning What are you waiting for?

Credit Cards Not Accepted: we only accept payments by cash.

At the Lucca Conference, in 56 BC, Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus reaffirmed their political alliance known as the First Triumvirate.

If you fail to so and we won't have a card with available fund, we will cancel your reservation.

After the death of Matilda of Tuscany, the city began to constitute itself an independent commune, with a charter in 1160.

For almost 500 years, Lucca remained an independent republic.

) is a city and comune in Tuscany, Central Italy, on the Serchio, in a fertile plain near the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is famous for its intact Renaissance-era city walls.

Lucca was founded by the Etruscans (there are traces of an earlier Ligurian settlement in the 3rd century BC called Luk meaning marsh in which the name Lucca originated) and became a Roman colony in 180 BC.

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