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She surprised everyone with a young African husband.

Since I am one of the few who has accepted this arrangement from the jump, he is close to me.

A nurse came into the room […] I am a short person, not extremely well built but sometimes other larger men seem to get a hard on when I am close to them. Maybe my actions when talking with them suggest something else entirely.

The following is an example of what […] Felix slowly closed the door, walked over and set his packages on the bed, never once taking his eyes off of me in my helpless state.

When I met them, Gary and Marta […] I woke up to a body full of pain.As I’m pumping my gas I see a fellow in the distance on a tractor bailing hay. My gay […] Waiting bent over and helpless with my wrist and ankles cuffed together exposing my stretched lubed hole, I now continue from “Used Porn For Sex” part 1. It generally didn’t take too long to catch a ride and the city was still small enough for hitching to be fairly safe.An older car driven by a middle aged man pulled over. I told him that I was constantly getting erections and would always shoot big amounts of cum.

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I got in […] I looked up to my cousin like an older brother and when I had questions about… He told me he wanted to see what I was talking about.

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