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The groomer uses his social or personal position to gain access to victims.They usually posses a lot of charm and personality. Sociopaths do, however, ruin lives, empty bank accounts, and cause untold emotional trauma, with the simple excuse that they just don’t care. Most of us think of sociopaths as deranged serial killers, but, with four percent of the population having sociopathic character traits, most of them never physically harm anyone. Most offender also possess power – be it political, monetary or absolute power in the case of a husband or parent.Some also have celebrity status for example in media or sports.If your new romantic interest exhibits all or most of the following behaviors, be careful. He wants to be with you every moment and resents any time you spend with your family and friends. His personality changes like the flipping of a switch.

He quickly proclaims that you’re his true love and soul mate. The victim finds themselves willingly handing over money or assets, engaging in inappropriate, illegal or morally ambiguous actives, or acting as a proxy for the abuser, fighting the abuser’s battles, and carrying out their will.The victim often feels confusion, shame, guilt, remorse and disgust at his or her own participation. She was so groomed by that time that she went to the bank and acquired a bank loan for the amount. He bought tickets and gave her his arrival date on the airport. There are firstly 3 primary goals a groomer focuses on to control the environment of a victim: AFFILIATION: An offender has to gain access to potential adult victims. She had to forward him the money for the flights because his money was tied up somewhere. She has been severely traumatized and will have to deal with the trauma and financial loss for years to come.

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  1. “Many students of this disease have voiced the clinical impression that emotional stress may be somehow implicated in the genesis of MS,” the study said. In 1988, a study conducted at the University of Colorado School of Medicine found that MS patients who experienced an extremely stressful life event were 3.7 times more likely to suffer a flare-up from the disease.