Dating a peace corps volunteer

Says former Director O'Donnell: "I can attribute whatever success I've had in the business world to what I learned in the Peace Corps—primarily the necessary interpersonal skills to work cross-culturally and to work with young, bright and highly motivated individuals." Above all, former Director O'Donnell says he is proud of his daughter Megan for her Peace Corps service and his granddaughter Allison—one of the oldest of his 15 grandchildren—for her decision to become a Peace Corps Volunteer.

"I'm very gratified that the sense of putting something back, the sense of being service oriented has gone into the third generation, says O'Donnell, "and I'm really excited that she has the opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps.

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Allison believes this experience will help her to adapt to life in for the next three months.

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Every year thousands of people choose to volunteer abroad with IVHQ as a Peace Corps alternative.

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C., February 14, 2007 – Kevin O'Donnell is recognized throughout the Peace Corps community for establishing the Peace Corps program in South Korea in the 1960s.

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