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All who saw them up close agreed that this was a pair of legs fit to entrance the prince.

Barely conscious amid the pain, she wept bitter tears. "Pay the price and your wish will be granted." The girl accepted its voiceless bargain. Even so recently duped, he trusted her at a glance.

It was once a young girl who was obsessed with seducing a prince at her town. She donned the dress she'd made for her sister, and borrowed shoes and jewels from the immobilized girl's collection. The mysterious minx who'd deceived the prince was wanted throughout the kingdom.

She sacrificed her own legs to entice him, transforming her into the centipede-like monster. She was upset at being tricked, but still more by the fact that she was related to such a woman. From the nearby woods, she fetched a centipede, and mixed its poison into her sister's food. It was a masked ball - if she dressed the part, no one would notice. The mask hid her identity, but not the allure she exuded. After that night, each time a ball was held she attended in disguise.

She stalked women with beautiful legs, claiming them for her own, then approached the prince anew.

He was an unparalleled lover of legs, yes, but it was not their appearance that excited him. Unaware of this, the girl still sought legs to please the eye. Surely the prince could find a pair of legs among so many to entice him. Should she catch him, she'll ensure he gets a good, long taste of them...

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) The Perrault story ends with a moral for us all, that not all wolves are wild beasts — some seduce, sneak us into bed and pounce there. There’s even a French phrase to mean losing your virginity which translates as, ‘she has seen the wolf’!

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