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She did snap fun pics in the photo booth with Ross' sister Rydel and their brother Riker's girlfriend Savannah Latimer though.But yeah, no pics with Ross basically making it known these two did not hang out in the slightest during the party. It was also in July Ross took to Twitter to defend Courtney and their relationship after an intense Raura shipper (meaning Ross and his Well, it looks like now that summer has come and gone and fall is upon us, this couple is no longer.However, Thompson made an offer immediately following the March 14 visit, then they waited while Cook tried to see if there was any other interest.A few teams called -- the Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers -- but it's unclear if any made offers, and Cook decided over the weekend to accept a one-year, .6 million deal with the Packers. Emilia Clarke was named as The Sexiest Woman Alive in 2015, beating out the likes of Beyoncé (whose omission makes us think there's a pandemic of poor eyesight and taste), Alison Brie, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kerry Washington and more. After landing her role on , she revealed that when she had crushes on some of her brother's friends and when asked if she ended up going out with them, she said, "Of course."Clarke has been rumored to date the likes of Jared Leto, but here are the lucky few chaps fortunate enough to cozy up to her!

I think that's a key to offensive success whether that's a big receiver or big tight end or a big man running down the middle of the field, making those safeties cover you.

But the last time they posted pics of each other on Instagram was in the summer, with Courtney posting a shot of the couple being silly, taking pics together in June.

And Ross posted one of Courtney's stunning modeling photos, writing "shes 💯. So they were still together during this past summer.

Looking through their photos, we can tell that J J have so much fun together.

They had huge smiles on their faces the whole day and we love it!

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