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Freud was the founder of Psycho-Analysis and psychodynamic theory.Yet Adler’s contributions, and his Individual Psychology as a theory of personality and therapeutic method, have had a marked effect on the field.Indeed, the similarity of "neo-Freudian" ideas and those of Adler has led to the observation that, "A graduate student would run the risk of being accused of plagiarism if he were to approach another writer so closely." (Allen, 1971, p.22) Stepansky reminds us, that neo-Freudians may have been as much influenced by social conditions of the 1930s and 1940s as by Adler’s earlier ideas.The modern era of interest in psychological ideas is connected in the public mind with Sigmund Freud, and there can be no doubt about his influence.Two specific events are key to ushering in that era: his publication in 1900 of The Interpretation of Dreams, and his joining with Alfred Adler in 1902 to seek psychological treatments for the neuroses At that time, the neuroses were largely equated with the diagnosis of hysteria, the conversion of emotional issues into physical complaints.Rational-Emotive Therapy (Ellis), Cognitive Therapy (Beck), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Bandler and Grinder) seem to include many restatements of Adler’s earlier ideas, as will be explored later in detail.

As will be seen, his ideas and methods appear in the theory and practice of nearly all psychologies and counseling approaches used in the present time.1 This chapter introduces the man and his development Individual Psychology.Adler returned to the spot and was forced to concede that his heroic deed had indeed been a fantasy.[Adler] continued to relate this story to his students in order to append the instructive epilogue.The Ansbachers note that: When we hear such expressions as feelings of inferiority and insecurity, striving for self-enhancement and power, woman’s revolt against her feminine role, the oversolicitous mother, the dethronement of the first-born, the need for affection, etc., we are meeting ideas in which Alfred Adler was the pioneer from 1907 until his death in 1937.(Ansbachers, 1954.) The writings of Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Abrahm Maslow, and Rollo May (all at some time students of Adler) often restate Adlerian concepts.

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At the time of this recollection I must have been about two years old. 9)When I was five I became ill with pneumonia and was given up by the physician. This means that I had set a goal from which I could expect to end my childhood distress, my fear of death. Sperber says: As a six-year-old boy, [Adler] was gripped with a horrible fear on the way to and from school because he could not avoid going past a cemetery.

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